About us

Bringing together high-level consultants and business leaders

A Brief History

Conducting strategy & management consulting projects to meet the increasingly specific needs of our clients, this is the ambition of CLIVEMAN!

Since 2010, we constantly aimed to meet the needs of companies that do not have access to the services of consulting firms, who in fact are our clients too.

The consultants in our community previously had careers in prestigious consulting firms, before deciding to start their own businesses. With CLIVEMAN, they look for projects and challenges to complete their activity and to expand their experience in different areas.

Our community

The CLIVEMAN Community counts a hundred consultants working in the whole field of strategy & management consulting and in the most various sectors. To serve our clients as closely as possible, CLIVEMAN is located in Paris, in Lyon and in Brussels.

Our partners

The CLIVEMAN partners focus on four types of customers and offer them our specific services to make their projects a success: companies, SMEs, investment funds and public sector (government, local authorities, clusters, R&D centres…)