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« The collaborative model is deeply rooted in Cliveman’s DNA. I willingly participate in their project of setting up expert, independent skills and customized structures. “»
«As part of an event organised by Cliveman, I talked about the complex issue of managing personal data and implementing the GDPR. Cliveman has demonstrated its willingness and ability to showcase the skills and know-how of my company on this very complex subject. Congratulations!»

«I worked for several months on a forward-looking mission led directly by Cliveman. I appreciated above all their professionalism in the management of the customer relationship and their permanent requirement on the contents of the management reports and the overall management of the mission.»

«I happily joined the Cliveman team where I found shared values: permanent innovation, warmth and professionalism, totally oriented towards its customers»

«As a consultant in digital strategy, I had the opportunity to work with Cliveman clients on a two years long project in order to implement their new digital strategy. Cliveman trust me as the pilot of consultants. I appreciated the relationship of trust created by Cliveman and the challenge of this top level project  »

«I do appreciate the way Cliveman bring their consultants up with efficiency and kindness  »

«I worked on a certification project led by CLIVEMAN. I really enjoyed the warm and professional support of CLIVEMAN’s team. As well as their commitment throughout all the projet. »

« I have been working with Cliveman for 8 years on sponsorship/fundraising consulting. I really appreciate the team spirit, their market intelligence skills and their professionalism in managing partnerships. »

Florent Roques
Consultant (sensinnov)
Stéphane Amarger
Directeur Marketing & Innovation, Trustseed
Pierre de Saint Ferjeux
Consultant and Expert
Jean-Louis Roubaud
Client Director
Sophie Obadia
Consultante en stratégie digitale
Brigitte Mangote
David Gerard
Consultant and Expert
Stéphane Barré
Consultant corporate philanthropy and fundraising








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Consultant en Stratégie Financière, Commerciale et Export
J’ai passé une vingtaine d’années dans le monde de la…
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Rachid Mouchaouche

J'accompagne les entreprises et les consultants dans leur compréhension de…
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Un jour, on m'a dit que j'étais né sur un…
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Marie-Fleur DELPY

Consultant en développement & transformation des organisations
Bonjour à tous, J'ai découvert ma passion pour le développement…
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Olivier Farnoux

Consultant en gestion de projets informatiques

Steve Bayol

Consultant-formateur, accélérateur de croissance
J'accompagne les TPE/PME dans leurs changements stratégiques en leur apportant…
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Consultant Manager
Leader entrepreneurial, créatif et passionné par de nouveaux défis -…
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Éric Bernos

Consultant innovation et Business développement
Fort de 20 ans d’expérience dans une grande entreprise du…
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